Our Company

Errigal Bay currently employs over 200 people at our  world renowned  processing facilities , close to our product source in Ireland and distributes our packaged products , in fresh and frozen formats worldwide to  a global market of leading retailers, wholesalers and food service customers.


Our modern, BRC “Grade A” production facilities comprise of a vast complex of 20,000 square metres with customised Cooking, Pasteurisation, Freezing, Tempering and Cold Storage facilities close to the fresh product source in the Northwest of Ireland – Donegal, and a state of the art Processing, Cryogenic Freezing and Cold Store facility in the Southeast of Ireland- Wexford. All facilities and operations are designed and managed according to world class hygiene, food safety and quality standards.

The company has additional storage facilities in France as well as sales operations worldwide from Korea and Sweden to Spain, France, U.K. and Portugal.

New Product Development

Errigal Bay is committed to research, development and innovation of products, processes and service to clients. That is why the business invests heavily in the best staff, latest technology and sciences in food processing, and, delivery systems.

Many of our processes are unique and they and our packaging concepts are most often developed in partnership with clients in response to consumer needs and market developments.

Our In-house Team includes Culinary, Quality, Food Production, Environmental Science, Sustainable Innovation and Consumer Studies Graduates. We combine the vast expertise and years of garnered knowledge and work in close collaboration with our customers to develop and brand new exciting, market facing products.