Our Fishermen

The life of a fisherman is full of challenge, sometimes danger, but always there is the reward of working with nature and the prospect of a good catch. The wild waters of the Atlantic demands much but gives more.

Errigal Bay values and promotes strong relationships with our fishermen – some are now in their third generation of partnership with us.  We benefit from the experience they pass on; they benefit from our constant investment in product development , processing knowledge and global market reach.  It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Working together, we are proud that in bringing our fine products to an appreciative global market we are supporting the livelihood of hundreds of fishing families and our own employees.

The products sourced by Errigal require our fishermen to employ varying methods of sustainable fishing, from baited pots and creels to trawled nets and dredging. Our fishermen are all required to partake in Fishery Improvement Plans and to comply with Responsibly Sourced Standards relating to their fishing methods.