Our Values

  • We respect our customers, partners, suppliers, employees and shareholders, our local community and the environment, as well as each other.
  • We are open and honest in all our business arrangements, acting with integrity and fairness.
  • We attach value to delivering the highest quality in all of our activities and in our set of product offerings.
  • We work hard to succeed but seek to maintain a balance between economic success and the long-term sustainability of our activities, especially in protecting the environment and living up to our social responsibilities.
  • We work as a Team (Meitheal an Earagail), fully accountable for our actions and leveraging the key marine and unique cultural traditions of the region.
  • We strive for excellence in our words, actions and commitments and strive to communicate and embed this value organisation wide.
  • We value and rely on accumulated good will and personal relationships maintained over fifty years with key stakeholders viz. customers, suppliers and employees, and which underpins superior sustained organisational performance.
  • We value the special ongoing loyalty, flexibility, attitude and commitment of our employees, the critical factor in ensuring the long term success of our business.
  • We are deeply aware of our legacy and values inherited and built on in the fifty years since incorporation; summed up in the words of our founder: