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This is a very quick and easy dish to prepare, and is perfect for sharing with friends. Serves 2 as a starter or can be doubled for sharing.


50g Garlic and herb butter (see recipe below)
8 Irish crab claws
Wedges of lemon
Herbs to garnish


Place half the garlic and herb butter in a hot frying pan and allow to melt. Add crab claws and gently fry over a medium heat for 1 –2 mins until hot. Melt the remaining butter and place in a small ramekin or serving dish.

Remove crab claws, arrange on the plate and drizzle with the remaining melted butter from the frying pan.

Serve with the ramekin of garlic and herb butter, a wedge of lemon and garnish with herbs of choice.

Garlic and Herb Butter — Simply combine 200g softened butter with 4 cloves of crushed garlic and 2 tablespoon chopped herbs such as parsley, dill or chives.

This will serve 8 portions.

Recipe courtesy of Bord Bia

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