Our Dedication to Sustainability

Since its inception in 1962, Errigal Bay, located in a remote Gaeltacht region of Northwest Ireland, was underpinned by a clear vision of sustainability. That initial vision and foresight, to build employment in order to stave off emigration and to strengthen the local community, remains at the core of Errigal Bay values to the present day

Errigal Bay in the past 4 years has expanded its initial view of sustainability beyond that of job creation to include the wider aspects of environmental and economic sustainability. The company seeks to balance the economic feasibility of its activities with social and environmental responsibility, to serve the broader needs of society in combination with serving the needs of our customers.

Errigal Bay is proud to be a Verified Member of Origin Green, the Irish Food Board national sustainability program , under which we have  committed to annual targets of reduced energy and water usage and waste generation per kg of finished product .

Errigal Bay has been a founding member of Fishery Improvement Plans for Brown Crab, Prawn and Queen Scallops, which are overseen by the Global NGO Sustainable Fisheries Partnership. These plans focus on the sustainability of the fisheries to protect their stocks for generations to come and enhance the ecosphere .Under our Origin Green plan we set yearly targets for increasing shellfish volumes procured from fisheries covered by FIPs. Our suppliers are also involved in a variety of conservation methods including tag and release, live returns and our facilities are open to the Marine Institute for data collection.